Suitable for synthetic corks, aluminium screw caps, plastic screw caps mod. flat, plastic sport caps, with the following structural features:
- AISI304 stainless steel structure.
- Vibrator AL-50 at the bottom of the tank.
- Hopper of various capacities lt.
- Belt length 3500 mm (h. which guarantees land height- funnel up to 3.000 mm.).
- Handling by magnetic belt + HABASIT conveyor belt width 150 mm., porters h 30.
- Hourly production approx. 20.000 bottles per hour.
- Stainless steel top tank.
- Door for caps unloading in the hopper.
- Machine fitted with four adjustable feet.
- Motor and reductor gear Bonfiglioli.
- Voltage 220/415 V Frequency 50/60 Hz.

Stainless steel electric control board (400X500X200) with:
*automatic cap levelling device inside the hopper and signal for eventual lack of caps inside tank.
*cap forwarding control device (proximity switch of photocell.
*emergency pilot light.

The internal electrical components are Allen Bradley, the switches are Télémécanique, photocells are Omron - Conforming normative CE.
- Equipped with 1 paper manual copy in Italian and one in English.