Production: from 1.500 bph to 20.000 bph
workable bottle diameter: 50-110 mm
workable bottle height: 170-350 mm

the rotary blower with fixed nozzle and single treatment completes a fully automatic internal cleaning of new bottles before the filling operation. the gripper collects the bottle at neck level from the entry star wheel and inverts it centrally over the spray nozzle; the nozzle injects air until the bottle is emptied of any harmful residuals. the gripper then returns the bottle and places it onto the exit star.

the blower is equipped with the following features:
- the machine is manufactured from stainless steel with antioxidant and self-lubricating materials
- the distribution station is fitted with a blocking device to ensure bottle presence
- the treatment times can be pre-set
- the gripper jaws are manufactured with bottle holding pads shaped to the bottle neck profile to be treated

the blower can be supplied optionally with:
- air filtering system.