the automatic counterpressure monoblock combines the functions of rinsing by fixed nozze with single treatment counterpressure filling and corking.

suitable for sparkling products such as:
- sparkling water
- soft drinks
- champagne
- beer

method of function:
bottles travelling on the inlet conveyor are indexed by the feeding scroll of the rinser, the bottles are inverted, rinsed/drained and placed onto the inlet star of the filler, rotationally placing the bottles onto the filler stools ready for the filling cycle. the pneumatic cylinders lift the bottles to the filling nozzles. the cylinders are lowered via a cam mechanically returning the filled bottles to the filler outlet star. the isobaric tank can operate to a pressure of 6 bar (pressure tested to 7 bar in compliance with i.s.p.e.s.l/ped safety directives) and is supplied complete with a detachable cover, mirror polished on both sides.

the monoblock is equipped with the following features:
- product level control is via float switches within the isobaric tank
- small inspection window on the front of the tank
- filling product is connected to the central distribution system feeding pipe fitted with an open/shut valve controlled via the float level switches
- central distribution system connected to the isobaric tank by smaller pipes
- filling nozzles are easily removed for cleaning etc.
- bottle centring heads made from a.i.s.i 304. stainless steel
- stainless steel filling nozzles

valves available with:
• single and double pre-evacuation
• self-levelling