the automatic disgorger monoblock for "champagne" bottles is designed to make the operations of:
- disgorging (removal of the crown cap)
- addition of the liqueur (syrup)
- levelling with wine

up to 400 - 700 bottles per hour, depending on machine model and type of wines.

the automatic monoblock is composed by two turrets: the first one with a continuous rotation, the second one with a step by step rotation. the first turret is created for disgorging operation: it is equipped with 3 groups of hold and close the bottle; during the operation, it reverses the bottle of 65° and then remove off the crown cap. the bottle without the cap remains raking and it is closed to limit the exit of the wine. the second turret has 6 working stations, each one furnished with grippers. it makes 3 operations through one rotation: first it reverses the bottle and then it makes the disgorging, the addition of the liqueur and the levelling, that is made when the bottle is again in a vertical position. the monoblock is designed to be inserted in an automatic line ( without conveyer motorization which is in option ) and it is built completelyin stainless steel aisi 304