production: from 1.500 b/h to 20.000 b/h
workable bottle diameter: 50-110 mm
workable bottle height: 170-350 mm

the rotary rinser with fixed nozzle and single treatment carries out a completely automatic internal cleaning of new bottles before the filling operation.
- the gripper picks up the bottle at the neck level from the entry star wheel and turns it over completely to centre it perfectly on the spraying nozzle
- the nozzle injects water or detergent liquid solution until the bottle is emptied of any harmful residuals. the injection is predetermined and when terminated the dripping phase begins
- the gripper then turns the bottle over once again and places it on the exit star

the rinsing tower is equipped with the following features:
- the tower main frame is manufactured from protection coated mild steel with all external surfaces clad in stainless steel
- the machine inlet is equipped with a bottle block to ensure continuity of flow
- the treatment times can be pre-set to suit product requirements
- the gripper jaws are fitted with interchangeable bottle holding pads shaped to suit the bottle neck profile

he rinser can be supplied with the following options:
- mobile nozzle
- double treatment
- re-circulation/filtration system for the rinsing agent