the monoblock main frame is manufactured from protection coated mild steel, with all external surfaces clad in stainless steel for ease of cleaning, all contact materials are for use in the food industry. it is designed for the labelling, distributing and smoothing of capsules on champagne and wine bottles.

the machine is supplied with three auto-adhesieve labelling stations for the application of the following:
- body label
- back label

- neck label the machine is designed for the following functions:
1° function:
the application of wine capsules with smoothing unit complete with thermic head and labelling for body, back and
neck labels
2° function:
the application of champagne capsules with smoothing unit complete with two pneumatic heads, this is controled via photoelectrical spot orientation and includes labelling for body, back and neck. all labelling operations are controled by an electrical orientating system to obtain exact positioning of labels in relation to the champagne capsule, finished with four smoothing folds. the hourly production for wine bottle labelling & capsuling is 1.880 bph and 800 bph for champagne bottle labelling & capsuling.