The semi-automatic pneumatic capper for aluminium screw caps is manufactured in AISI304 stainless steel and is for the closure of aluminium Ropp's on to glass bottles.

Method of function:
Cap is manually positioned over the neck of the bottle and the bottle is placed onto the bottle stool. The cap threading operation starts by the operator simultaneously pressing two buttons placed at each side of the machine, this signals the head descent and closure. The capper in furnished with a 4 roller threading head, made completely of steel, and includes a No-Cap-No-Roll device for 1 size of aluminium ropp cap.

- Pneumatic bottle lifting with temporized descent
- Push button operation
- Manual caps distribution
- Capping machine equipped for one size of Ropp cap
- Mounted upon wheels
- Safety device according CE norms

Production: 500bph
Voltage: 220 V (1 phase) - Frequency: 50Hz
Pneumatic voltage: 6 bar
Weight: 80kg
Formats: Possibility to cork bottles from 0.37 to 3lt
Optional: nitrogen injection dispositive